July 21, 2020


Are you a business owner? A lot of us have a business that we want to take to the next level by having a remarkable Strikingly Review website that will allow us to reach customers and audiences around the world.

And it’s not only the business owners who could wish to have a perfect website to display and showcase any content.

You might want to have a website for a million different reasons. But the problem lies in the fact that a lot of us do not possess the technical skills that are required for building a website.

If you’re one of those, don’t worry anymore: we have the perfect solution for helping you make that dream website become a reality.

A few decades ago, building a website meant that you need an expert who has the technical expertise.

But, the world keeps changing and because of the advancements in technology, a lot of things are becoming easier for us.

Similarly, website creation used to be a completely specialized task but now, there are website builders like Strikingly that allows everyone to create their own website with ease.

And people do not need any skills in website building in order to use Strikingly. It's simple, easy, fun, and convenient.

Strikingly: A Brief History

Founded in 2012, Strikingly came into existence to offer its services to everyone on the internet and allow them to build their own websites with ease, at a low rate.

Strikingly does not require a person to have any technical knowledge and that is why everyone can use it easily.

Their low rate and fast services are perfect for business owners and individuals.

Here is our Strikingly review that will give you insights on how the website builder functions and all that it offers to the users.

Your Dream Website Can Be A Reality With Strikingly!

Strikingly Is A Website Builder That Focuses On Simplicity, Ease, And Convenience In Regard To Building An Aesthetic Website.

Strikingly Is A Single-Page Design, Website Creator Which Means That It Allows You To Make Websites That Have A Single Page Design With Different Sections That The Users Or Audience Can Navigate To.

Strikingly Also Offers Remarkable Customer Support And Their Prices Are Very Affordable For Small Businesses And Individuals.

Strikingly Is Very Fast In Terms Of Building A Website.

You can build a functional and good looking website in less than 20 minutes if you want to.

So, the website you have been dreaming of can become a reality.

All you need to do is head over to Strikingly!

How Do You Use Strikingly

Strikingly is not like the rest of the complex website builders that make you scratch your head due to being hard and difficult to understand.

One of the best features of Strikingly is that it is very easy to understand and use.

We’ll explain how Strikingly proves to be simple yet very effective, in these steps.

  • When you go to Strikingly, you need to start by filling a simple form that asks for your name, your email and your password.

(You can even sign up through Facebook with a single click if you want to avoid filling the form.)

  • Then you need to choose a template according to your requirements.

You can choose around 30 different templates that are very unique and look innovative in terms of design.

You have the option to narrow down the template options if you are looking for something that is suitable for your personal website, your business, or even a portfolio site or blog.

  • You can see a preview of the template and if it is according to your requirements and needs, then you can start editing it at once!

Another amazing feature of Strikingly is that it allows you to instantly create a personal website that will be based on your profile on LinkedIn.

This makes things become even more efficient and convenient. And these quickly made websites by Strikingly are completely functional and very aesthetic in terms of the design!

So, as you can see, Strikingly is an effortless website builder that will help you get a perfect site up and running in no time!

Overview Of Strikingly Features And Tools

Following is how the web design tools on Strikingly allows the users to edit their site.

The sidebar on Strikingly has 3 different categories. These are styles, settings, and sections.

  1. Strikingly has a convenient and easy to use sidebar where most of the tools are.
  2. There is a navigation map that allows you to see the content sections on the current page. You are able to delete, edit, and add new elements with ease.
  3. You have the option to adjust details like fonts used and the colors on the website.
  4. You can change the website name, language, and even the category of your business.
  5. You can add icons and also header and footers.
  • In order to get access to the more advanced features and tools, you will need a paid account.

Is Strikingly Mobile Friendly

According To A Statistical Report Of 2019, Almost 50% Of Web Traffic Around The Globe Comes From Mobiles.

This Only Means One Thing: Your Website Needs To Be Mobile-Friendly.

Thankfully, Strikingly allows you to build a mobile set that is very effective.

In the “settings” page on the web design tools panel, you can decide about the features that you want to be displayed on the mobile version of the site and the desktop version, separately.

You can further, choose to remove other elements from your mobile site to make it more efficient and effective.

  • Strikingly’s Mobile App: Strikingly also has a mobile app for Android and iOS that allows users to edit & manage the site through their phones.
  • Live Chat: Strikingly’s App also allows you to have a live chat feature to let you connect with your audience in a very convenient manner!

So, Strikingly is suitable for mobile users as well.

This makes Strikingly look even more attractive as a convenient, effective, and easy website builder!

SEO Optimization On Strikingly Is Easy And Effective

If You're Looking Forward To Getting As Many People As Possible On Your Site Then You Need SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Thankfully, Strikingly Offers An SEO Checklist That Helps You By Giving You Hints, And By Providing You With Links That Will Help You In Ranking On Google Very Effectively.

This SEO Checklist Is Found In The Settings Of The Website Builder.

With the help of this SEO tool that Strikingly offers, you will be able to get a lot of audience on your website which will lead to more success for your business.

  • Note: Strikingly, being a single page layout design does not have an SEO optimization as effective as other website builders.

Strikingly Has The Perfect Plan For Everyone!

Strikingly Offers You Four Plans: Free, Limited, Pro & VIP.

These plans are affordable and offer a lot of advanced tools and features that will help you in creating a wonderful website.

Free Plan

The free plan of Strikingly allows you to make a website for free without any payment.

But the disadvantage is that the free plan does not give you access to all the exclusive and professional tools that can help you build the ultimate website.

So, the free plan is good for those who are looking for a functional and good looking website only, having no demand for a very high-level website with tons of features and options.

Limited Plan. ($8/Month)

The limited plan allows the customers to connect their custom domain to the site and allows you to build only 2 limited websites.

It offers 1GB storage per site and offers a free domain for a year.

The limited plan also allows you to sell 5 products per site.

All in all, the limited plan is very beneficial for those who want a good website but do not want to spend a lot on it.

Pro Plan. ($16/Month)

If you can spend a bit more, then the pro plan will be perfect for you!

You get 3 pro sites, unlimited bandwidth, 3 GB storage per site, password protection for your site, 300 products per site, and multiple pages and a lot more with the pro plan!

The pro plan offers you the best features and value for the money.

If you are looking for something professional, then the pro plan is for you!

VIP Plan. (49/Month)

This is the ultimate plan that will allow you to build the ultimate website!

5 pro websites, the storage capacity of 10 GB per site, and the option to sell around 500 products per site will ensure that your website does look like it is built for the VIPs only!

If you can afford to get this VIP plan, we suggest that you go for it.

It is the perfect plan for established businesses looking to build the ultimate website.

So, Strikingly offers a lot of options for you to choose from.

Select the plan that suits your needs and requirements perfectly and build the ultimate website using Strikingly!

An Overview Of The Pros & Cons Of Strikingly.

If You’re Still Not Sure About Using Strikingly To Build A Website>

We will clear everything up by giving you all the pros and cons of Strikingly.

So that you can decide whether you want to try Strikingly or not. Take a look:

The Pros Of Strikingly

The following are the major pros of Strikingly.

  • It is the best single-page website, builder.
  • It is very easy to use for everyone.
  • Its free plan is unlimited.
  • Offers the most innovative looking templates.
  • It has the option to preview a template in proper form.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • Has a live chat feature.
  • The plans are very affordable

The Cons Of Strikingly

The following are the major cons of Strikingly.

  • Limited customization tools in the free plan.
  • Fewer templates as compared to competitors.
  • SEO optimization issues due to a single-page website layout.

As you can see, the pros of Strikingly outweigh the cons, which shows how good Strikingly is.

There are really not enough cons to make Strikingly seem like a bad website builder.

Is The Customer Service Of Strikingly Any Good

The Customer Service Of Strikingly Is Very Impressive.

There is a 24/7 customer support that allows you to send an email to Strikingly and you surely get a response within a few hours.

The live chat option on the website builder also allows you to ask for support while working on building the website.

There is also an FAQ section for common questions.

The VIP plan of Strikingly gives you access to an exclusive support option on your phone and you also get a special account manager with the VIP plan!

All in all, the customer service of Strikingly is very impressive and responsive. It shows that Strikingly cares about its users and customers.

Who Is Strikingly The Best For

The Features That Strikingly Offers And The Ease Of Building A Website Through It Is Absolutely Remarkable.

Strikingly suits the needs of everyone from a business to a single individual looking for a website for his personal use.

However, if we were to narrow it down to a few people or entities that will find Strikingly the best, then we can say that the following people or entities will benefit the most:


If you are looking for a good looking and easy to access a blog that your audience will love

then Strikingly will do that job perfectly and conveniently.


The freelancers who are looking to showcase their skills and abilities online

will find Strikingly very effective and affordable.


The startups who are looking to make a presence online while spending a limited amount of money

will find Strikingly very beneficial in making their venture become a success on the internet.

Selling Products: E-Commerce

If You Are Someone Who Wants To Sell His Products Online,

then Strikingly is the best option for you as it has a simple and easy to use store feature that you can add to your website for selling your products with ease and convenience.

These were just some of the entities or individuals who will benefit the most from Strikingly

but do not forget that Strikingly has a bit of something for everyone according to their needs and requirements and will not disappoint in any manner.

Personal Use

Even if you are looking to build a website for your own personal use (portfolio).

Strikingly will help you achieve your goals in an efficient manner.

Our Rating For Strikingly

Strinkingly Is One Of The Best Website Builders Out There And We Give It A Score Of 4/5.

So, What Is The Final Verdict? Here Are Our Concluding Remarks To Our Strikingly Review

So, Our Review Of Strikingly Has Given You A Look At Every Aspect Of The Website Builder.

You Are Now Aware Of Its Features, Its Technicalities, Its Ease And Convenience, And Most Importantly, Its Pros And Cons.

We Also Mentioned The Plans That Strikingly Offers Which You Can Avail For Yourself Or Your Business.

If You Are A Beginner Or A Newly Found Business That Does Not Have The Technical Knowledge And Are Just Looking For Something Easy And Convenient To Use That Will Help You Get A Good Website Up And Running In No Time, Then Strikingly Is What You Should Be Going For.

The Free Plan That Strikingly Offers Is Unlimited And Will Allow You To Build, Manage, And Maintain A Perfect Website That Is All According To Your Requirements.

However, If You Are A Professional And Well-Established Business Then You Will Be Better Off With The Paid Plans That Strikingly Offers In Order To Have A Solid Presence On The Internet Which Will Be Beneficial For Your Business.

The Plans That Strikingly Offers Are Very Affordable As Well When You Consider The Features That They Offer.

As Compared To Other Website Builders, The Plans Of Strikingly Are Relatively Cheap.

All In All, Considering All The Features And Benefits That Strikingly Offers And The Ease Of Using It To Build A Website, Strikingly Proves Itself To Be One Of The Best Online Website Builders That Anyone Can Use To Make Their Dream Website Become A Reality!

Thank you for reading our review.

Our Review Of Strikingly Is Over, But We Would Love Your Feedback On It!

We Tried To Give A Detailed Review Of Strikingly But We Still Might Have Missed Something In It.

If We Did, Let Us Know In The Comments Below And You Can Also Share Your Own Views And Insights On This If You Want! We Are Looking Forward To Feedback From All Of You!

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