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Domain.com Hosting is best among all other hosting providers?

Domain.com Reviews is pleased to have played a significant role in assisting its clients to reach success online since 2000. The supplier is part of a larger corporation with a number of companies in the hosting industry, giving it both width and depth of experience. Domain.com's products concentrate mostly on shared hosting with a couple VPS hosting choices also offered. Its site is in English, and the Domain.com team is also quite busy on Facebook and Twitter.

WHAT IS SPECIAL ABOUT Domain.com Reviews?

Domain.com Reviews Provides a ton of web-related services, including:

Shared hostingVPS hostingDIY site builderEmail and,Professional website design and electronic marketing servicesAnd, of course, domains. all the services Domain.com offers, we had to wonder about the quality of each. Thus, we took a closer look in the choices to attempt to figure out if Domain.com truly shines and where the corporation might fall short for some customers.

Domain Services by Domain.com

As its name implies, domain-related providers form a core portion of Domain.com's services.

Domain Names

Because of its domain-related services, Domain.com is regarded as a domain. Other domain registrars you might have heard of include Google Domains and GoDaddy.

If you're just getting started, you are most likely purchasing a top-level domain (which we'll refer to as only the domain name from here on out).

This seems something like example.com (compared to example.com/page or page.example.com, neither of which can be top-notch domains).

We wish to note that many hosting packages provide a completely free domain name upon buy, so check to ensure yours does not before buying one yourself.

Along with offering domain registration, Domain.com can help you with:

Domain Name renewal, which you'll need to do to keep a domain name you've registered from dying.

Domain Name transfer, which allows you to move your domain from your existing registrar to Domain.comTransfer lock to prevent unauthorized domain transfer by somebody else.

URL and email forwarding, so which it is possible to change your domain names while still being available to people who understand you under your old domain.

DNS record management, that's the procedure by which you make sure that your domain routes your customers properly -- all the time, this can be handled by domain name registrars or managed services like Cloudflare DNS. In short, there's the user-friendly domain, which requires to solve into the exceptional IP address delegated to your site.

Choose From Various Domain Extensions

While Domain.com Reviews provides the traditional domain extensions like . com and. Net, in addition, it offers less commonly used extensions such as .ca or even .asia.

If you're trying to find a unique domain name or when the domain you want has already been established with a more commonly-used extension, you might think about using one of those alternatives.

Web Hosting Services by Domains.com

Domain.com offers three Kinds of hosting:

  1. Shared hosting
  2. A type of shared hosting designed for WordPress users
  3. VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting

Shared hosting
A type of shared hosting designed for WordPress users
VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting
Shared Hosting

Domain.com offers three distinct shared hosting plans to choose from.

  • Unlimited disk space
  • Scalable bandwidth
  • Unlimited number of subdomains
  • Domain-related help
  • Marketing bonuses and assets
  • Entrance to Domain.com’s drag-and-drop website building tool
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL
  • 1 GB of free cloud storage

Choose Best from 3 Shared Hosting Plans in domain.com

The Basic package gets you hosting for a single domain name, five FTP logins, 100 email inboxes, and 10 MySQL databases and is priced at $3.75monthly.

The Deluxe plan is priced at $6.75/month.

The Ultra package gets you an infinite allocation of resources plus premium support for a cost of $13.75/month.

Domain.com no more asks that you pay upfront for one, two, or three years' worth of hosting service when purchasing a shared plan. Regardless of your contract length, you are going to receive the same cost for all contract terms with a set monthly cost -- no tricks.

Linux or Windows?

If it sounds confusing, don't worry. Most people just need Linux.

It is the hottest, and most economical, choice. It is suitable for both WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and dozens of other popular CMSs (content management systems).

The Linux vs. Windows choice will be important to web developers that have a web application built especially with a Windows-based tool or framework, such as ASP.NET or MS SQL. They will use Windows.

WordPress Hosting by Domain.com Reviews

WordPress bloggers may choose a variant of Domain.com's shared hosting packages.

There are two plans from which you can choose: WP Starter and WP Essential.

Characteristics of Both Strategies

Both options come with:

Infinite disk storage (can store all of your articles, images, and other files)Unlimited bandwidth (can manage all the traffic)A personalized control panel for managing your hosting environmentSome pre-installed plugins and themes, like WP-Cache (to speed up your site) and Jetpack.

Both programs utilize these speed-boosting technologies:

SSDs (solid-state drives) for excellent speedA CDN (content delivery network), which expands site loading speeds.

Features in Domain.com Reviews

Let's take a look at features which can be found across all hosting types and plans.


Domain.com has partnered with Google to provide G Package for those desiring productivity tools, including email, with their domain name buy.

In case you've used any one of Google's free goods (such as Gmail, Google Docs, etc ), then you'll be knowledgeable about the G Bundle -- the paid version simply comes with additional features useful for companies.

You can purchase one year of G suite or Bundle service at a time.

If you purchase a hosting plan, you may get email inboxes which are available from a domain matching the one that you're using to your own blog.

SSL certifications do several things:

Raise visitor confidence in your blog, because it demonstrates that you are who you say you're (and not a rogue entity masquerading as a legitimate website )Boost your rank somewhat in search engines, because they favour secure websitesAllow you to communicate securely with your users.If you do not already have an SSL certificate, you can buy one from Domain.com for your blog.

Internet Design and Marketing Services

Domain.com offers you two site-building options: the drag-and-drop site builder, which you may use to build yourself a website, or its own professional web design and marketing service, which can create a website for you.

Drag-and-Drop Site Builder

A drag-and-drop site builder is an easy-to-use tool designed to get you up and running with a site quickly.

You begin by picking a template that appeals to you and best fits your requirements. Following that, you personalize the content, make any small design tweaks you would like, upload your pictures, and publish your site.

All modifications are made via the editor that allows you to see your changes as you create them.

You Can Build Your Online Store

Adding a whole online store to your website requires only a few more clicks. If you would like to use different programs with your websites, such as content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal, or e-commerce tools such as Zen Cart, you may easily incorporate them with the SimpleScripts software suite.

Professional Web Design Services

For those who desire professional internet design services, Domain.com provides a combination design and promotion package.

You will find a five-page site that's optimized for search engine discovery and features professional branding.

After your site starts, the marketing group will help ensure that your site gets detected by visitors. Including things like submitting your site to search engines and handling the meta tags in your pages.

You pay for this option on a monthly basis. Domain.com Reviews markets this option as"full-size design and promotion," and the team continues working with you during the duration of your contract to ensure that your website gets seen by as many individuals as possible.

This includes generating content for your website.

Get Marketing Help

But if you want changes to your website, you are able to make them by yourself using the drag-and-drop site builder -- all design solutions occur at the start of the job, together with advertising services continuing if you would like.

The precise price to you depends on the size of your mailing list so you can begin with a modest fee.

Domain.com Reviews Affiliate Program

Domain.com Reviews offers an affiliate program that provides you with commissions for any referrals you make that buy a domain name or hosting package.

If your referral purchases a domain name, you'll receive a commission equivalent to 30 per cent of the domain's price, and if your referral purchases a web hosting package, you'll get a $100 commission.

Service and Customer Support

Domain.com's help tools comprise an in-depth knowledge base and user guide. If you have to get in touch with the Domain.com support staff (that are available 24/7), you can do so via telephone, email, or live chat.


If you're checking into Domain.com, but you are not certain this firm is 100% right for you, you might consider GoDaddy or even NameCheap instead.

Both firms are very similar to Domain.com Reviews because they were (primarily) domain registrars that have grown more than sell many different website-related services, including hosting. The largest differences, however, are that NameCheap and GoDaddy offer a lot more when it comes to web hosting choices, also GoDaddy offers a much more robust site builder.


As we've previously mentioned, domain costs tend to be similar, thus if the cost is an issue, you will want to examine the pricing differences in regards to web hosting and other add-on services you may want to have.

Our suggestion? Start working with Domain.com Reviews to procure your new custom domain name and try their hosting. If your site grows and starts to garner a high amount of traffic, then you can always make a switch to their VPS plan. Should you hit the cover off the ball, and hundreds of thousands are stampeding to your website, you could always change to an enterprise-grade hosting alternative.


Do you have any related queries concerning the fundamentals of Domain.com Reviews? Here are some to get you going.


It is simple. In order to renew, you simply log into your Domain.com account. Pick an option named"DomainCentral" and then choose the domains you want to renew.

Can Domain.com offer WordPress hosting?

Yes. You can pick from two low-cost hosting options. It is important, but to understand that, like most hosts, Domain.com's prices are higher once you renew your arrangement. That is why you should think carefully about exactly what duration length you want to sign up for: registering for the maximum-length duration will provide you the greatest savings.

Can Domain.com provide anything besides shared, WordPress and VPS hosting?

No, Domain.com doesn't offer you cloud-based, dedicated, or reseller hosting. VPS hosting is a middle ground, which provides many of the top-tier advantages of hosting but at a lower price point.

WHAT Type OF PAYMENT METHODS ARE ACCEPTED AND are I NOTIFIED OF RENEWALS?Before each renewal, you receive a generous 30-day reminder so you don't get roped in into auto-renewal. They accept payments. Accounts are also easy to cancel by contacting the support team directly.

Just like any other host, Domain.com possess their standard set of provisions and conditions which apply to resellers. Some constraints may be related to your business requirements, therefore we highly recommend reading the small print.


Domain.com provides a lot, but is this business for you?


  • Offers all you need to develop and maintain your online presence: domain-related services, web design, hosting, and electronic advertising services.
  • Its hosting plans, especially its shared plans, are very economical methods to get started.
  • should you ever outgrow your shared program, you can easily upgrade to a VPS program.
  • The service team is available to help you round the clock
  • The provider provides many extra features to be certain that your site-building and maintenance processes are simple.


  • Insufficient SLA (Service Level Agreement) -- if you need high availability, especially if you operate an online store, you might look for a hosting provider that promises you a specific amount of site uptime.
  • No dedicated servers available, so in the Event That You outgrow your VPS hosting program, You'll Need to transfer your site elsewhere.

Thank you for reading this article on Domain.com Reviews. See you in the next Reviews!

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