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Namecheap Reviews Vs GoDaddy Reviews

Fnameche– Which Domain Registrar Is The Best For You?

It’s slightly strange that several Namecheap testimonials are all about domain name registration and management. This is among the largest registrars on earth, but besides, it gives the complete gamma of all Linux hosting alternatives: shared, controlled WordPress, dedicated and virtual servers.

However, finding extensive Namecheap Reviews of this organization’s hosting alternatives is surprisingly hard in 2019.

That is why I signed up for the moderate shared hosting strategy that the business has, made a simple WordPress website, and hooked it up to tracking tools to quantify its own performance with time.

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Precise, routine metrics may disclose the authentic qualities of an internet server and answer several questions. However, the Majority of them boil down to a simple question:

Is Namecheap great?

Let us find out in this article on (Namecheap Reviews)

Do you have an uptime guarantee?

1-Strong uptime (99.98 Percent)

Namecheap Reviews

Definitely, an essential quality of any internet host worth it is salt is your accessibility. Clients pay to get their web pages reachable; that is what web hosting is really all about.

Every time a website is offline, irrespective of the underlying motive for the outage, traffic and earnings are missed.

That is why all leading web site hosting providers guarantee an uptime of 99.9% and upwards.

Namecheap Review was the only company apart from DreamHost to ensure 100% uptime and provide compensations whenever the guarantee is broken. Lately, the warranty was changed into a more realistic 99.9%.

Unlike a number of other Namecheap hosting testimonials I found on the internet, I rely on real-time information to track the websites I examine.

My tracking tool is StatusCake, and it’s set to probe my Namecheap WordPress website from three individual servers prior to declaring it inaccessible.

Early on, the little Site I’ve over at Namecheap went multiple times.

It was somewhat disappointing to find the ordinary accessibility of 99.82percent in 2018.

But as February 2019 the uptime dropped below 99.9% along with the powerful performance continues nicely into 2020.

Typical Uptime 2018 — 99.82percent

“Recently, Namecheap necessarily delivers guaranteed uptime.”

2-What is the Namecheap speed Result

  • Quick Response Time – 0.36s (5th)
  • OK Fully Loaded Time – 0.98s (8th)
  • Slow Under Load – 1.25s (13th)

Notice: Should you run speed tests in my domain name, results may fluctuate somewhat. Even from precisely the exact same testing stage, two evaluations will generally display slightly different outcomes.

My Namecheap website is hosted in Arizona, so I analyzed it in US locations. All plugins and also server-side caching were handicapped.

Website speed matters increasingly. For most end-users, it’s even more significant than uptime.

If you go to a website you understand and it appears to be offline after, it’s not such a biggie given that the next time you check, it’s available. But visiting a website that’s slow and unresponsive usually means you will never form its URL again.

Statistics reveal just as much.

Since I wished to make the very detailed and fair Namecheap shared hosting inspection, I just had to run my website through three-speed checkers.

The average speed was not fantastic.

Now, this isn’t actually slow, except to get a simple WordPress setup without any plugins or meaningful content that isn’t that fast, particularly in comparison to the top hosting providers.

As soon as I analyzed how the Namecheap shared host manages incoming visitors, the outcomes were kind of average.

The not that slow and quite stable reply from Namecheap.

50 concurrent users attracted the average response time to approximately a complete second. Again, this is on a website with hardly any primary pages and with no plugins.

Answer beneath load 2020:

“The rate of Namecheap is OK, but it’s far from the fastest hosts on the market.”

3-Awkward Support

Quality technical assistance generates unparalleled reassurance. Knowing there are trained professionals that are prepared to assist each time a problem arises instills enormous amounts of assurance in almost any internet hosting service.

This having been said, I discovered the Namecheap customer support unsatisfactory. I contacted the sales and support teams a few times.

While my queries were straightforward, I had been getting direct answers, but the minute I came to get a real problem that the interaction became reasonably cluttered.

I said how Namecheap guarantees 100% uptime and my website hasn’t enjoyed continuous support.

I contacted support and increased the question. The broker was carrying his time but that conversation petition itself was answered speedily. Thus far, so great.

After he confirmed to me (some 10 minutes from your discussion ) he abruptly said he needs to transfer me to a different representative and only did it. He did not bother to inquire when I was OK with this movement or maybe to clarify his motivation.

The colleague said he’d read the dialogue and understood that my question. However, all he did was to estimate the terms of support regarding third party and bandwidth tracking applications.

I had to clarify that these phrases would be the very reason I’m calling assistance, so they can confirm if my website had gone, really.

According to him, it hadn’t been down. Whatsoever.

I was not provided any evidence that the Namecheap support was completed with no hiccups. No logs at the very least a snapshot out of the time I had been asking about.

In addition to the unsatisfactory manner that the very first agent managed our discussion, I must state that Namecheap customer support lacks a certain amount of professionalism and desire to assist.

” I discovered the Namecheap Reviews customer support lacking in communication skills and willingness to assist.”

What Are The Pros of Namecheap 

Namecheap Reviews

Well, here are the things which make this server a more worthy place to host your own website.

1-Outstanding Starting Plan

You may find more info concerning the Namecheap down hosting plans under, but I wish to make it crystal clear that the tiniest idea of the business is really a gem. It may cost as low as $2.88 a month and enables the hosting of 3 sites.

This is simply the start of the listing of attributes the Stellar program has.

The Majority of other businesses I’ve reviewed tailor launching programs acceptable for one Site and more, making the Namecheap offering precious and distinctive.

Considering all of the features the tiniest Namecheap program comprises, I have to state it is an outstanding chance for those that wish to host a few medium or small websites.

2-Free Migrations and much more

Namecheap features website migration at no cost. When you have a present cPanel site elsewhere and opt to proceed to Namecheap Reviews, the measures are easy, simple, and need very little participation on your behalf.

You merely have to give access to Namecheap hosting technicians for your present cPanel and that is it. They’ll work their magic with no additional participation and likely with no downtime. Even if there’s one, it will not exceed 15 minutes.

This is where it gets really intriguing. In the event the downtime of your website exceeds the quarter-hour mark, then you’re eligible for the free hosting equivalent to your first buy.

To put it differently, should you buy hosting for a year and are not pleased with the way that your website is migrated, you may get a whole year of hosting.

3-Reasonable Pricing Policy

Unlike a number of other hosts that increase fees considerably once it’s time for renewal, Namecheap renewal cost does not grow. I find that this refreshingly fair, since the scandalously low prices of several businesses are unrealistic in the long term.

Having a website isn’t a short term investment. It may be something that you pay for a long time when the Site goes well. GoDaddy and HostGator adore the strategy of inexpensive introductory cost and substantially steeper renewal fee.

In Namecheap, the charges stay the same.

4-Free Backups

Namecheap Reviews

All of Namecheap Reviews plans include free copies. Just the biggest enjoys daily photographs but even twice per week is decent, provided it is free of any extra fees.

We are living in an electronic era which makes data reduction an inevitable part of life. This is very true when sites are worried since there are lots of cases that need the usage of a wholesome backup.

Just the most significant plan consists of daily backups but twice per week is often enough.

5-Fantastic Domain Name Registration Options

If you hunt for recent, 2019 Namecheap testimonials without demonstrating that you want to know more about web hosting, you will find out how great a registrar the provider is.

Now, if you’re wondering why”Is Namecheap greater than GoDaddy?” For domain name registration, I can’t really tell since I have not used the latter for its objective.

I can guarantee you that Namecheap is magnificent, though. Its clean interface, candy bargains, and countless TLDs available make it an excellent selection for domain name registration.

6-Fantastic User Area

It’s quite clean and uncluttered, yet it exhibits a lot of information at a glance.

Comfortable and functional design expects all Namecheap clients.

Navigating through the many choices is fast and smooth, and the product direction is quite straightforward. There are no upsells, and also the accessibility to everything — charging, domain management, hosting course — is as simple as it gets.

It’s possible to boost the security of your Namecheap login region using a 2-factor authentication also, securing the integrity of your accounts once and for all.

7-Outstanding Status Page

The standing page is very detailed and enlightening. Announcements for upkeep, support upgrades, server migrations, community status, emails, and domain name services are available there.

That is precisely what a standing page has to look like.

I love how easy it is and also the routine updates it sees.

8-Bitcoin Payments

I acknowledge that it is not strictly related to web hosting, but with the chance to cover electronic services using actual digital money strikes me as unusual.

The Cons of Namecheap Reviews

Namecheap Reviews hosting has its own flaws. Mainly, it’s an excellent bandwidth and speed but a few other details of the product the firm offers may be made better.

1. SSD-accelerated?

This may explain partly the unimpressive performance of my Stellar Plus Program, as SSDs are often faster than the elderly HDDs

2. Restricted Space

The smallest and most significant plans has limited storage areas.

20GB for three sites isn’t that couple, although the 50GB of SSD space also appears decent.

The same, many competitions put no practical limitations on the area that an account may use, so long as it does not breach the conditions of service.

3. Limited Data Centers

Namecheap does not have a lot to offer concerning hosting places.

Most other significant hosts operate at least two information centers of their own, and many have servers on three continents.

For people seeking to host their Site in the USA, this restriction isn’t so notification but for everybody else, it might hamper the operation ever so slightly.

If the rate Namecheap screens were it would hardly thing but using an already slower-than-average provider, it does not make much sense in any way.

Namecheap Reviews Common Plans at a Glance

Namecheap Reviews

Namecheap provides three hosting plans. When paid for a year ahead of time, you have two months of free hosting.


– For only $2.88/mo you can host up to three websites on 20GB of space on SSD-accelerated servers. The plan allows for 30 email accounts in total and 50 MySQL databases. Backups are performed twice a week.

Stellar Plus 

– For $4.88/mo you can enjoy unlimited sites on unlimited space, with unmetered bandwidth and unlimited emails. Again, the servers are not pure SSD, though.

Stellar Business

 — For $8.88 you receive unlimited websites with unmetered bandwidth, weekly and daily backups, and pristine SSD space. Additional speed-boosters are included, also.

screenshot 5 4

Namecheap vs GoDaddy

Which Domain Registrar is the Best?

In case you’ve been considering whether to subscribe to Namecheap Reviews or even GoDaddy, this contrast can allow you to sort out the specifics connected with every domain. Our principal aim is to assist you in making an educated choice once you read this contrast of Namecheap and GoDaddy.

Namecheap Reviews

As a top domain registrar that’s accredited by ICANN, Namecheap has established a substantial market share because it was set in 2000. Namecheap has supplied more than 4 million domains to clients across the world.

Though Namecheap’s core business is domain name services, it offers additional services such as hosting, email hosting, protection and cloud-based services.

Godaddy Reviews

Concerning dimensions and market domination, GoDaddy is the biggest domain registrar. Actually, GoDaddy has over 30 percent of this domain market share.

This firm has supplied over 59 million domains registered around the world. GoDaddy provides a vast selection of services such as email aliases, online advertising programs, search engine optimization, privacy protection, and subdomains.


The two Namecheap and GoDaddy provide various advertising promotion codes that can be found on many sites online.

Since the two sites offer numerous services to clients, it would be hard to compare the costs of every service. For the review, we’ll examine the costs of a 1-year renewal rate for domains of every website.


$10.69 annually to buy a. com domain


$11.99 annually to buy a. com domain

On both sites, you can get extra discounts if you pay in total for support for numerous decades. GoDaddy and Namecheap permit you to register your domain for as many as ten decades. Additionally, there are several Godaddy options.

In general, costs are more affordable on Namecheap + they also provide you Privacy Protection for FREE, whereas GoDaddy that is an excellent addon.

The Pros & Cons Of Namecheap

Whenever you’re trying to find a domain service, you have to remember that the ideal domain does not exist.

So, in order to check that, take a look at the pros and cons of SiteGround:


  • Excellent service and safety highlights
  • ICANN Accreditation
  • Domains are easy to transfer
  • Minimal upsell tactics
  • Expert help desk
  • 24/7 customer support via the help section
  • Competitive cost points for all services


  • Some new domain extensions can be costly.
  • Customer support needs improving.
  • Some brand new domains extensions can be exceedingly pricey.
  • Customer service requires improving.

The Pros & Cons Of GoDaddy

Whenever you’re trying to find a domain service, you have to remember that the ideal domain does not exist.

So, in order to check that, take a look at the pros and cons of SiteGround:


  • A large trusted brand in the domain registry business
  • Simple to buy and Pick a domain
  • The Site seems Simple to navigate and comprehend the offers
  • 24/7 customer service
  • a Wide Selection of providers with GoDaddy
  • Customer service representatives are knowledgeable and helpful
  • Accredited ICANN


  • The check-out procedure can lead to confusion
  • Domain Manager isn’t incorporated in precisely the same window as other attributes
  • The tricky domain transfer procedure
  • Too many cases of upselling
  • Extended customer service wait times

as a result of promotions and upsell approaches, there is a lot of pop-up specials around the monitor. This may be annoying once you’re attempting to navigate quickly around the website. By way of instance, GoDaddy might not have too many personal touches as Namecheap Reviews.

As you match Namecheap Reviews and GoDaddy, be attentive that GoDaddy is a giant company. For example, GoDaddy may not have as numerous personal touchings as Namecheap Reviews.

Namecheap Reviews is less firm. Consequently, it provides more personalized care and solutions to the clients.

Total User Experience

Namecheap Reviews

Handling your domain name shouldn’t have a lot of your time throughout the day. This section of this review will explore the total user experience such as point of order, navigation, and use.

Namecheap Reviews

The general check-out procedure for this domain is fast and seamless. The approach is simple, and there aren’t a great deal of upselling approaches to interrupt your experience.

Namecheap Reviews provides a fantastic search engine for domain suggestions. When you enter this website, you’ll observe that Namecheap doesn’t have all the bells and whistles such as its bigger competitor. Namecheap Reviews delivers a fast live chat feature, but it lacks phone support services.

GoDaddy Reviews

The GoDaddy site encounter is lively and vibrant. At first glance, you are able to the company has plenty of offerings.

To start with, GoDaddy is the epicenter of all upsells. With every click of your mouse, you’ll be bombarded with the ad to get a unique special. If you would like to acquire a domain name fast, fast and in a hurry, the continuous upsells will stall your progress.

GoDaddy provides both phone and live chat service choices. This feature is excellent for you in the event that you want a solution to an issue which you can’t find out by yourself.

GoDaddy delivers a domain name management attribute. On the other hand, the domain manager opens into a different window. This attribute makes the consumer experience feel coordinated and disjointed.

Do We Recommend Namecheap?

Namecheap is an adequate server in a specific context.

I recommend it for those that have a few small sites and are on a small budget.

The most important reason behind this is the Stellar program has a considerable number of features, prices less than $16 annually when prepaid, and tiny websites do not drive crazy amounts of traffic so that it can manage it.

Last, small websites typically have fewer items that may break, which means you will not be quite reliable about the suspicious Namecheap support.

here are some Namecheap users reviews:

 Namecheap Reviews

In the event you want dependable, high-speed hosting wherever your internet presence will grow and prosper, you would be much better off with a number of the best website hosting companies that we have here. In the end, there’s a reason why the vast majority of favorable Namecheap testimonials are all about domain name administration.

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