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What is WebStarts all about? What does it offer as a website builder?

Here is webstarts reviews

Well, among the list of the top website builders online, is WebStarts.

There are a few factors that need to be considered when deciding a good website builder for your business or personal use.

These factors are pricing, customization allowed for building the website, and how easy it is to use the website builder.

It is very rare to see a website builder that is satisfying or performs well in all these areas.

But WebStarts is the one website builder that does it all right.

They do not offer all the customization that you want for your website and as a result, the website that you make for yourself often lacks in a lot of areas.

This leads to most people paying a large amount of money to website developers so that they can get a functional and effective website.

WebStarts looks like a new category of website builders. It will help everyone create a perfect website

Company History

WebStarts was founded in 2007 and it is based in Brandon, Florida.

WebStarts claims to have helped over 4 million users create websites for their business and personal use over the last decade.

And since its formation, it is making a name among the best website builders on the internet.

While it is not as easy to use compared to many other website builders, it does offer ease of use which is impressive and a lot of flexibility at different price points that will suit a lot of people.

We’ll discuss all its details in this review of ours. – Everything You Need For Website Building.

Whether you are an individual or a business that is ready for building a website.

It can be a very daunting and overwhelming process in terms of designing and developing a perfect website that is effective and functional.

WebStarts understands that if its customers or users are able to get their websites built and running in the easiest and fastest way, the more satisfied they will be with the service.

Whether for professional or personal use, WebStarts will help everyone create a website that will be appropriate and suitable for their industry, sectors, markets, or audience.

The websites that users build with WebStarts are fully functional and effective so that a proper presence can be made online.

With a lot of tools, templates, and themes that you can choose from.

You will be able to use WebStarts for creating an ultimate website with ease because of the convenient drag and drop interface that WebStarts has.

And, the websites are customizable as well.

Is WebStarts Easy To Use? Yes, With An Easy Interface & Tons Of Tools, It Is Very Easy To Use

One of the key features of WebStarts is that it is very easy to use and everyone can get their websites built and hosted in a convenient and efficient manner.

We will not be exaggerating when we claim that with WebStarts you will be able to create and have the website up and running in less than 24 hours.

The time taken to create and run the website depends on how long you take to customize and complete it.

The simple drag and drop interface of WebStarts allows the users to add different design elements, resize the text boxes, choose from a variety of font styles, and add pictures as well.

WebStarts wants to offer such services that will enable anyone to create a website without having any website building technical knowledge.

WebStarts is perfect for the beginners and those people who want their website created in a cheap manner and quickly and efficiently.

But let us tell you that the advanced website creators will surely find the building tools and dashboard of WebStarts to be a little too simple and very limited in many regards.

The page editing interface that WebStarts has is very easy and convenient to navigate. It allows users to develop their websites with simple instructions.

These instructions will make the users feel comfortable as they will be walked through all the steps to get a perfect site up and running.

The Plans That WebStarts Offers And All Their Details:

A good website builder considers the budget of its users as well and does not demand such high prices that most of the users won’t be able to afford.

But thankfully, WebStarts offers plans to its users and customers that are affordable and very beneficial.

There is the free, the pro plan the pro plus plan and the business plan that WebStarts offers.

Following are the details of these plans

The Free Plan Of WebStarts

The free plan that WebStarts offers is very useful for those who want a website without any costs i.e. for free.

You can create a website with 5 web pages but a limited 10MB storage limit and 5GB per month bandwidth.

The tools at hand with the free plan are limited but it will still make a good website that will be functional and effective to some extent.

The Pro Plan Of WebStarts. ($4.90 Per Month)

The pro plan of WebStarts offers you the tools to create a website with 15 web pages and also offers a good 1,000MB of storage capacity and a good 25GB website bandwidth.

This plan will be perfect for newly established businesses that are looking to make a mark on the internet marketplace.

It is affordable and offers a good amount of tools and benefits. This plan also offers 1 free domain name for the website!

The Pro Plus Plan Of WebStarts. ($7.20 Per Month)

This is the ultimate plan that WebStarts offers to its potential customers.

It offers all that a person will require to build the ultimate website that is fully functional and effective.

This plan will offer the users with 1 free domain for the website, the unlimited web pages to be created on the website, a good 5,000MB of storage capacity, and around a 100GB of website bandwidth.

This plan is perfect for established businesses that need a completely professional website.

The Business Plan Of WebStarts. ($19 Per Month)

This is the plan that is only suitable for businesses that are well established and can spend a lot of money on a regular basis and have a strong and solid customer base.

As you can see, all the plans that WebStarts offers are cheap as compared to other website builders on the internet.

But the problem lies in the fact that the pro and the pro plus plans do not offer enough tools and features as we would expect them to.

But still, all in all, in terms of affordability, WebStarts impresses us as well.

Is WebStart Compatible And Optimized For Mobile Phones

As most of the traffic on the internet in today’s time is from mobile phone users.

It is important to know whether the website that you will create for your business or personal use is compatible with mobiles or not.

WebStart’s websites are fully compatible with mobile phones and mobile users will be able to view the sites on their phones in a fully functional and effective manner.

So, you don’t have to worry about your customers who use phones, not being able to visit your website.

WebStart has you covered in that area as well.

What About The SEO Optimization On WebStart’s Websites? It’s Bad!

We all know how important search engine optimization (SEO) is now in order to get your website to be visible to a greater audience so that it gets a large amount of viewers traffic.

Most website builders offer high-quality SEO tools that can help your website become successful in the internet market but unfortunately, WebStarts disappoints us in this regard.

It does not have quality SEO tools that you can use to improve the traffic on your website.

The SEO feature that you get on WebStarts is a simple stats tab.

At best, you can get real-time data, general preferences of the audience, and the visitor demographics for you to monitor.

The biggest drawback is that WebStarts does not allow you to connect your website with Google Analytics so you can’t get a free SEO tool to help you.

But there is an SEO wizard that you can most likely include in your website through the app market.

All in all, WebStarts disappoints greatly with SEO tools.

The E-Commerce Store Of WebStarts

The E-Commerce store is only for the business plan users and it lets them list products for sale but the customers are directed to a third party checkout which will be outside the website.

The payments that will be received by this store will be processed through a variety of platforms such as WePay, PayPay, Stripe, and Authorize.

The overall design and view of the store are customizable and there is also an option to filter the products based on their different specifications and features.

This makes it easy to keep track of the business inventory.

Though this is a great feature, we are not satisfied with the fact that this is only available to the paid business plan users.

The pro and the pro plus plans deserve to have this feature but it isn’t there.

Is The Customer Service Of WebStarts Any Good? Here are The Details

Customer service matters a lot in every business. It displays how much the service providers care about their customers.

If a business has good customer support, then it shows that the business cares about its customers and wants everything to be in their best interest.

The customer support of WebStarts is marketing very dominantly on its homepage.

The support is one of the key points of a good business. And fortunately, the customer support that WebStarts offers is very good and impressive.

The first manner in which WebStarts helps you is with the help of a video tutorial that you receive as soon as you get into their software.

WebStarts also offers a knowledge base that you can use if the tutorials aren't enough to satisfy you.

There are nine categories of Q&A’s on WebStarts which have their own subsections that are full of common issues that are experienced by the users.

It is a very detailed help center and the users won’t need to contact the developers to get any further help in most cases.

But if a user requires any further help then the best feature is the live chat that WebStarts has which has an average response time of around a few hours only.

The response that users will get will always be very helpful, precise, and complete.

Who Is WebStarts The Best For? Following Is The Answer

WebStarts offers good plans that have useful features and tools that can be used by just about anyone.

But if we want to be specific, then we will say that WebStarts will be the best for bloggers, small businesses, and the businesses that are looking for a way to get into the E-Commerce industry.

Everyone will find the plans to suit their needs well.

So, all in all, WebStarts is good for businesses and also individuals who want a website for personal use.

Note: The E-Commerce feature is only available to the customers who have availed the business plan of WebStarts.

Our Rating Of WebStarts

We give a score of 4/5 to WebStarts.

A Brief Overview Of All The Advantages & Disadvantages Of WebStarts. Make Your Decision About WebStarts

WebStarts is a very good website builder but if we are being honest with you, it does not hold very well in comparison to other website builders.

We will give you a glance at the pros and cons of WebStarts so that you can see what it offers and what its disadvantages are as well.

Take a look:

Pros Of WebStarts

The following are the major pros of WebStarts.

  • The drag and drop feature is very convenient.
  • A very easy to use interface for everyone.
  • Great customer support.
  • The image editing tools are really good.
  • The stock image library is useful.
  • Good for E-Commerce use.
  • Good for blogging.
  • The templates are good looking and customizable.

Cons Of WebStarts

The following are the major cons of WebStarts.

  • Lack of SEO tools.
  • Mobile optimization is not impressive.
  • The free plan does not support ads.
  • The E-Commerce feature is only for business plan users.
  • The free plan does not offer enough to make a good website.
  • As you can see, WebStarts does have some disadvantages or cons that reduce the quality of the services that WebStarts offers. As compared to other website builders, WebStarts has relatively more cons.

Our Concluding Remarks To The WebStarts reviews

Though WebStarts is among the top website builders, we are not completely satisfied with it after giving it a detailed review.

The problem lies in the fact that WebStarts does not offer enough tools and features in the free plan as compared to the other website builders.

This is a huge drawback because this prevents free users from building a functional and effective website.

The tools that WebStarts offers are good and the features and ease of use are impressive

but the priced plans that it offers are also lacking in some places in terms of what they offer in return for your money.

So, we are not sure whether WebStarts is the right website for those who are looking for a website builder that will help them create a functional website for free.

In terms of business users, WebStarts will offer good tools and features for a relatively convenient and affordable price.

The lack of SEO tools further reduces our interest in this website builder and the lack of proper optimization for mobile devices is a major drawback.

All in all, we recommend WebStarts to all the people looking for a website builder that offers good tools and features

but we also recommend that you check other website builders and see if you find them suitable.

If you do, it is better to skip WebStarts and go for them instead. WebStarts is at best, just sufficient.

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