May 12, 2020


The Complete Wix Review


What is Wix?

Wix is a network-based amenity that allows you to scheme and figure your own website or online store without wanting to know how to code. You don’t need to apprehension about buying web holding or fixing software anyplace. The clue is that striking that all you need to form and run your site is provided ‘out of the box’, and transpires online. You merely build and achieve your site in a web browser, via the Wix website. Go To WIx

Who Is Wix Best For

Reliant on your requirements, Wix could be just the reply you’re looking for.

Is Wix Good for small Business

Business websites are Wix’s bread and butter. There are hundreds of templates to pick from, planned precisely for different businesses. From convenient facilities to advertising and marketing, real estate to finance and law, everything is covered.

Wix also has an entire host of amazing business features like:

  • Subscription forms
  • Appointment bookings
  • Email marketing 
  • An app market overflowing with amazing add-ons.

Is Wix Good for ecommerce

If you’re observing to start selling online, Wix eCommerce has you covered. Create your own striking online store with comfort and swiftness using Wix Editor or Wix ADI. Wix lets you sell an infinite amount of products – physical, digital, or a service. You can also form discount and advertising codes, control your shipping options, and even manage your store on the go through its mobile app. If you want to take your online store to the subsequent level, we’d endorse using a Wix app called Ecwid. This bounces you admittance to guest checkouts, inventory tracking, social commerce, and more. Wix has also put a lot of dynamism to manufacture its eCommerce analytics much more influential. Through its dashboard store analytics you can now contact in-house data to challenge that of committed eCommerce platforms. That said if you’re producing six-figure monthly profits and need a commanding platform skilled in managing majority orders and ascending with you.

Is Wix Good for Personal

Personal websites are an additional forte of Wix’s. Whether you need a site for an event, an assortment to showcase your drudgery, or even just an online résumé, Wix has you covered.

There are templates for almost everything comprehendible, and with Wix’s spontaneous editor, you can really get your temperament across.

However, if you’re in an artistic field – such as photography, art, or graphics – you may be better off using Squarespace. Its templates are beautiful and supply better to those extents.

Free trial of Wix

A realistically substantial (but advert-supported) free plan is available from Wix. You can sign up for this free plan.

Wix Pros

  • It’s stress-free to use.
  • It’s practically priced.
  • A large choice of templates is provided (500+), which are of a high excellence and feature convenient example content
  • Whilst not as inclusive in terms of e-commerce features.
  • A built-in email advertising tool is provided in Wix, and it’s amazingly good price too.
  • Wix contains an extensive variety of professionally shot photographs for use on your site.
  • Phone support is accessible, which is not the situation with numerous other leading website construction tools.
  • SEO features are pretty virtuous (the deficiency of responsive website design aside).
  • The ‘ADI’ version of Wix is very tranquil to use and well suitable to website design novices.
  • A sensibly well-stocked app store is available.
  • A totally free version is available

wix Cons

  • You can’t relate another template to your site after you’ve built it.
  • You can’t generate a GDPR cookie accord banner for Wix without resorting to a third-party tool
  • You can’t export blog content
  • Multi-currency selling is not possible
  • Although workarounds are existing to make a Wix site display properly on a mobile device, the sites that you build with Wix are not fully approachable.
  • AMP functionality is only presented for blog posts.

when was wix created

Founded in 2006, is a leading website structure podium with over 110 million users, in 180 countries. From online stores and businesses, to photographers and musicians, bloggers and brides, or just those wanting to explore new ideas – Wix makes it easy for anyone to build a website.

Wix was initiated in Israel and is one of the larger website constructing companies, with 3,000 employees. According to, there are currently around 3.8 million live websites using Wix. Besides its headquarters in Israel, Wix also has offices in Canada, Brazil, Germany, India, Ireland, Lithuania, the United States, and Ukraine. For outlook, Squarespace has about 800 employees, and the company hosts 1.8 million websites. Jimdo has 200 employees and hosts 385,000 websites. Wix’s large size gives long-term safety (i.e., lessens the threat of the organization compact, taking your website with it), and incomes you can look onward to systematic feature apprises.

Is Wix user friendly

Is-Wix-user-friendly Whether you want to enhance a new blog column, modify the background color or fonts, the whole thing is done in a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get editing atmosphere. Wix is tremendously cool and involves no coding at all.

The podium is suitably divided into the Dashboard and the Editor itself. The Dashboard demonstrations you the most significant info about your website and lets you rapidly construct some of the site’s settings, and through the Editor you can effortlessly modify the site’s look and upload new content.

The editor is well-structured and has a novel look. Wix belongs to the clutch of site creators that use the so-called absolute positioning approach, which means you can abode any of the essentials available anywhere on the page, be it an image, a text block, or a button. The backside of this style is that later you can’t alter to a new template. You can jump a new website with Wix, but there’s no way to allocate your content to a new proposal. To dodge this setting, Weebly, Yola, Webs, and other Wix participants use the ‘container’ norm, which lets you drop draggable elements to explicit ranges only. This approach makes it thinkable to move your content to any other template.

Does Wix afford all the functionality I want for my website

Wix consents users to produce websites using a modest and instinctual drag-and-drop user interface.

A Wix website can be used for:

  • blogging
  • hosting an online forum
  • building an online store to sell digital and physical products
  • appointment booking
  • collecting contact details

and more.

However, you will need to pay to use some of these structures

How much does Wix cost

How much does Wix cost

Is wix Free

Wix bids a free plan which permits you to create a simple, ad-supported site.

This is a decent way to try the boards out, but it is ad-supported, doesn’t enable e-commerce, and avoids you from linking a domain to your website.

If you need a website to escort a 50th Birthday, wedding, or small communal garage sale, the free plan is totally fine. however, due to the absence of features, it’s not really a selection for specialized users.

On the positive side however, the Wix free plan permits you to use all 500 of the Wix templates, and delivers free hosting. You can style the use of images, clip art, and icons provided by Wix, and can complement apps from the Wix app market (which provides both paid and free apps).

You also get 500MB bandwidth of packing and 1GB bandwidth. This should be abundantly for a new website. And you can use the free plan without giving out credit card details.

What are the Wix paid plans

Wix Paid Plan

Wix payments

wix payment Are they Reliable?

They have a permanent payment solution.

  • Secure
  • Reliable
  • Encrypted
  • Confidential

What is a transaction fee and a gateway fee

A payment gateway is a section of software that procedures transactions on your online store.

Wix works with a practically large number of third-party payment gateways. T he options vary depending on your location, but in total, 25+ are existing, and these comprise big hitters such as Paypal, Stripe, Square, and Worldpay.

Wix’s payment gateway offering is less notable than that provided by competitors Bigcommerce or Shopify but is substantially more widespread than Squarespace’s

There’s also the option of using Wix’s built-in payment gateway, which is currently available in the following countries and currencies:

  • Austria (EUR)
  • Belgium (EUR)
  • Brazil (BRL)
  • Finland (EUR)
  • Germany (EUR)
  • Great Britain (GBP)
  • Ireland (EUR)
  • Italy (EUR)
  • Lithuania (EUR)
  • Netherlands (EUR)
  • Portugal (EUR)
  • Spain (EUR)
  • Switzerland (CHF)
  • United States (USD)

Transaction fees for Wix Payments, they are as follows:

  • United States: 2.9% + 30c
  • Europe: 1.9% + 30c
  • UK: 1.9% + 20p
  • Switzerland: 1.9% + 0.3 CHF

Content controlling and interface

wix content controlling and interface Wix compromises three options for structure websites:

  • Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI)
  • Wix Editor
  • ‘Corvid by Wix’

Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI)

Wix ADI is serviceable by anyone, no trouble how much they hate computers. It generates your website by inquiring you some basic questions and assembling whatever information is offered from an online search of your business.

Wix Editor

Wix Editor is the ‘standard’ version of Wix, and bids you a lot more govern over the design and features of your website than ADI. It’s roughly alike in the difficulty of using Microsoft Word to layout a newsletter.

Corvid by Wix

‘Corvid by Wix’ (formerly known as ‘Wix Code’) allows you to craft database collections. If that sounds scary and not at all like something you’d ever want to do, then in its place think of Data Collections as spreadsheets.

Corvid lets you create a spreadsheet, and then create lots of web pages automatically using a template populated with data from the spreadsheet.

Is Wix really as mobile-friendly as it claims

Is Wix really as mobile-friendly as it claims More and more users are affecting to mobile access, in some cases entirely. This means mobile-friendliness is vital for your website.

Wix titles your website will “Look remarkable on every screen with a mobile-friendly form of your website”, and makes much of your aptitude to convert the mobile-friendly view of your website.

However, Wix uses something called absolute positioning, which means web elements are stood by pixels rather than virtual to the user’s screen. Absolute positioning gives you more litheness in positioning elements (text, images, forms, and so on) — but means your website will not adjust as well to different screen sizes.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and analytics


Wix Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and analytics Wix SEO functionality is mostly good — it permits you to effortlessly execute key SEO tasks, including:

  • adding alt text
  • adding meta descriptions
  • editing page URLs
  • creating 301 redirects

One SEO feature which may predominantly demand SEO trainees is Wix’s ‘SEO Wiz’ tool. This strolls you through the key steps for enhancing your website for search engines, helping you to appraise your page titles, Meta descriptions, alt text, and so on.

There are a couple of zones where, Wix could accomplish better in the SEO department.

  • Mobile versions of its site display
  • Responsive design
  • Wix’s lack of full support for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).
  • The keyword research you’ve carried out.
  • Quality of content it contains

These SEO problems are not showstoppers, and regardless of these oversights, Google’s John Mueller is on record as saying Wix websites ‘work fine’ in search.

How to improve wix seo

fundamental content-driven site

  1. Try Wix SEO Wiz
  2. Use long-tail keywords
  3. Choose the right domain
  4. Write unique titles & descriptions
  5. Make it mobile friendly
  6. Submit a sitemap
  7. Go local SEO
  8. Structure your site
  9. Describe your Images
  10. Write valuable content
  11. Get more backlinks
  12. Keep it up


Analytics and adaptation tracking

Wix has good backing for analytics tools, providing built-in combinations for:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google AdWords
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Yandex Metrica

Do I have an entree to the code for my website? Can I alter providers or export my website

Do I have entree to the code for my website- Can I alter providers or export my website Wix doesn’t sanction you to contact the code for your website, change or entrance the CSS files, or export your website to another provider. Corvid does.

A workaround for exporting your site is conceivably by copying and pasting the content from it into other boards — fine for small to medium sites, but not so well for large ones.

E-commerce in Wix

E-commerce in Wix Wix does a pretty good job of making E-Commerce handy and ‘non-scary’ for businesspersons trying online selling for the first time.

Wix comes with a prevailing e-Commerce engine that lets you start and accomplish small and medium online stores. However, to promote a web store with the website manufacturer, you should sign up for the paid contribution. Having done that, you’ll be able to enjoy all the aids the feature provides. Thus, you can create your own assortment of products that come with tempting show windows and detailed metaphors, adjust payment, shipping, and tax parameters, issue coupons, and bonuses, create CSV product files, etc.

Does Wix provide a practically good range of e-commerce features for small to medium-sized businesses?

Germany You can:

  • Sell an infinite number of products, with 6 product options, in up to 300 variants.
  • Certificate users to sieve and sort your products.
  • Accomplish your store from your phone, using a mobile app.
  • Enter stalking information for physical products.
  • Use an unrestrained cart investor tool.
  • Simplify drop-shipping.
  • Offer customers with real-time shipping calculations.

There are a few shortcomings of Wix e-commerce to watch out

Point of sale (POS) functionality is only accessible in the United States. It’s an embarrassment that you can’t gain this feature outside of the US because it’s an important one.

Drop-shipping is only imaginable through one company/app, Modalyst — this gaps negatively with other e-commerce solutions like Shopify or Big-commerce,

Multi-currency selling is not yet thinkable in Wix. You have to pick one currency and stick with it.

The third-party app, the suitably named ‘Currency Converter,’ which can show your products’ prices in another currency — but it doesn’t enable checkout in another currency.

Product exports are restricted — you can only export up to 5000 products. More substantial perchance is the fact that you can’t export digital goods from a Wix store.

Create a free Blog Using Wix

Create a free Blog Using Wix Adding a blog to your site is cool as ticking on the Blog entrance on the main site component toolbar. You design your blog page arrangement just as with any other site page or select a single-entry style or one with no header. Subscriptions and remarks are choices you can bid your readers. You can tag posts, and even display a tag cloud, RSS button, Facebook comments, and Disgust comments.

Wix has a discrete, simple blog-posting interface, as contrasting to Weebly, which just uses the same webpage interface for blogging. In Wix, you can add photos, galleries, videos, and of course text, all structured to perception. You can calendar any post for future publication and elect it as featured if you like. In all, it’s a rich blogging tool with everything you need.

incorporation with other apps

Wix has an App Market with over 250 apps, some made by Wix and some by third parties.

The App Market is easy to practice and offers lots of useful functionality you can complement to your website, including online chat, popups, and calendars.

Another way to enhance functionality from third-party apps is by using an HTML block to enclosure a widget from one of those apps.

The range of apps existing is less notable than what you’ll find from other website building tools but you’ll find a decent selection of mixings and add-ons here nonetheless.

Alternatives to Wix

Alternatives to Wix If you’re looking to build a fundamental content-driven site, then Squarespace and Jimdo are substance a look.

And finally there’s WordPress, which can assist both as a good podium for both showcasing contents and helping e-commerce.

Is Wix better than other builders?

Wix is the best all-round website builder on the market. It achieved really well in our research and user testing and offers astounding worth for money and creative control.

Wix is at the top of its game, but opponents like Weebly and Squarespace have a lot to offer too.

Is Wix Email good

Is Wix Email good Wix offers some plain built-in forms for your customers to send you a message or provide communication information.

If you want custom forms that do more chic things with your data, you’ll need to complement the Form Builder app to your site. Contact data seized on your Wix website is robotically added to your website’s ‘contact list’. You can also import contacts or add them physically to this list.

An interesting Wix feature is built-in email marketing, something which is not yet provided by several of its key participants is that Wix sanctions you to send three e-newsletters per month to up to 5000 emails.  This is actually pretty substantial — not many email marketing apps provide you with this kind of free functionality.

If you want to do more classy email marketing with Wix, this means advancement to its ‘Ascend’ tool. This lets you announce more emails per month and make a practice of a variety of mechanizations — emails that are generated in various ways by activities made by companies on a Wix site. You can actually do some pretty cultured stuff using Ascend, and it’s very inexpensive by comparison to some of the leading email marketing tools.

 Wix Review: summary

Germany Inclusive, Wix is a well-featured creation that agrees with a project apprentice to generate a website with a lot of functionality. For a fairly small monthly fee, you can figure a site that features an online store, a blog, email marketing, galleries, appointment booking, and much else besides.

The stage is practically easy to use — there are lots of well-designed wizards, support tools, training videos, and aid files that provide very actual hand-holding for smooth the edgiest of users. Wix isn’t without some faults and lapses, however. The use of complete positioning is a momentous drawback — although there are workarounds existing to confirm the mobile version of your site displays pleasantly, sites created with Wix are not yet truly approachable.

Another drawback is that Wix makes it problematic to modify your mind — you will have to stick with the template you selected when you first manufactured your website, or rebuild it completely. And, although you can craft a pretty covered online store with the platform, you can only sell your products in one currency.

Finally, Wix is a good choice for a small business or individual on a low budget, wanting to hurriedly create a striking website with a lot of features — if you find yourself in that kind, you’ll be satisfied with the range of ‘out of the box’ functionality that Wix provides. Wix is less tempting however for businesses with strong support on online selling, or for larger businesses that want much-modified functionality on their website. Those sorts of users would be improved off looking at platforms like WordPress or Shopify.

Final opinion

I would endorse it without misgivings for smaller websites that have to look immaculate. Wix has the broadest collection of prebuilt designs for any kind of manufacturing. As it’s not possible to shift to a new theme after your initial choice. If sometime down the lane you would like to get into the eCommerce game you can effortlessly add a shopping cart at comparatively little cost What Wix has formed here is surely remarkable in many ways with an expansion speed that is almost breathtaking.


Most frequent questions and answers

What is Wix? Wix is an online website builder that customs a stress-free drag and drop editor, so that you can control your page as it looks once published. You can generate your own website without any technical experience. How expensive is Wix? Wix has a free plan which you can stay on for as long as you like. But, if you want to eliminate Wix ads, use your own custom-made domain name, or receive payments through your site, you will need to upgrade. How does Wix work? The Wix website builder works by providing pre-designed templates from a variety of different classes and industries for you to choose from. Once you’ve obvious you can alter as much or as little of this template as you like by tedious elements such as text boxes and images around the page, adding completely new features, or deleting content you don’t want. Does Wix offer a free trial? Yes, Wix offers a 14 day free trial on all its paid plans. This is a countless way of tiresome out the extra features existing and seeing if it’s right for you without any financial risk or commitment. The free plan doesn’t have a time perimeter on it, so you can indicate the best time to upgrade without pressure. Does Wix offer hosting? Yes! Wix hosts your website for you, so you don’t want to hunt around for hosting providers or pay extra for hosting services. Can I have two websites on Wix? Yes! You can produce as many sites as you like under one account – so you only need to sign up once, and you can have unlimited sites! But remember a Premium plan is lawful for one site only. Is Wix better than other builders? Wix is the best all-round website builder on the market. It achieved really well in our research and user testing and offers astounding worth for money and creative control. Wix is at the top of its game, but opponents like WordPress has a lot to offer too Is Wix better than other builders? Wix is the best all-round website builder on the market. It achieved really well in our research and user testing and offers astounding worth for money and creative control. Wix is at the top of its game, but opponents like WordPress has a lot to offer too

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